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If you are a minor charged with DUI, don’t make the mistake of thinking that your youth will be an asset when it comes to your case. In fact, the drinking and driving laws in Arizona are even stricter for those under 21 than for adults. If you or your son daughter has been charged Read More
Defense of Prescription Drug Charges in Phoenix, AZ Have you been arrested for illegal possession, possession for sale, or sale of prescription drugs? Perhaps you are facing a related charge such as prescription fraud. If so, you need an experienced and knowledgeable Phoenix drug lawyer at your side. Contact Feldman & Royle for a free Read More
Have You Been Charged with a Marijuana Crime? Being charged with a marijuana offense is nothing to scoff at.  A conviction can cause serious problems. Even if the offense is a misdemeanor, being convicted will cost you money, and it will become part of your record. Some charges carry a possible jail or prison sentence. And Read More
Were You Arrested on a White Collar Charge? Have you been charged with the commission of a white collar crime? The potential penalties may surprise you. White collar crime is no longer treated with a slap on the wrist. Following the near collapse of the American banking system, and well-publicized fraud, embezzlement, insider trading and Read More
Are you Facing a Gun Charge? Using a gun or other weapon while committing a crime, or merely possessing a gun in some cases, can result in serious felony charges. The gun charge may be tied to an assault, a robbery or another offense. In other cases, possession of a gun could be a crime Read More
Assault is one of the most commonly charged offenses in Arizona. But the charges and penalties vary substantially depending upon the specific factual allegations, and range from class 3 misdemeanors (maximum 30 days in jail) to class 2 felonies (presumptive sentence of five years in prison for a first offense). Given the wide range of Read More
Have You Been Charged with Domestic Violence? If you have been arrested for a domestic violence offense, you are facing serous potential consequences. On top of the usual penalties in the event of any criminal conviction, the imposition of restraining orders and other effects of a domestic violence charge could turn your life upside down. Read More
Defending Murder and Homicide Charges in Phoenix, AZ Taking the life of another person is as serious as any criminal charge can be. If you have been arrested on a homicide charge, or if you believe you are the target of a homicide investigation, you need immediate help. At Feldman & Royle, our experienced criminal Read More
DUI Defense Attorneys in Phoenix An arrest for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs can have devastating impacts. Even if you have a clean driving record, the financial penalties alone can be overwhelming. Add to that the loss of license and possible jail time, and the effects could make a huge impact Read More
It’s difficult enough having a criminal charge of any kind hanging over your head. But when the offense is a sex crime, the effect can be devastating and immediate. It seems as if people assume you are guilty in the face of little or no knowledge about your case, and often brand you as a Read More